The Etiquette Rules in an American Casino

There are many casinos that are situated in the United States of America. Each of the states in the United States has its own set of casinos and corresponding casino rules. One important norm in a casino is the general casino etiquette in the United States casinos. We will give you an overview on the most important casino etiquette rules in the American casino.

If you are expecting that the basic requirement in the American casino is to wear formal suits and gowns, then you are in the wrong country. The usual dress code in an American casino can be anything from shorts to sandals and all the way to gowns and frocks. The most common style in American casinos is jeans and a polo shirt. There are only a few etiquette rues in American casinos that really call for a strict formal dress code, like in private casino rooms or private tournaments a la James Bond.

The basic etiquette rule upon entrance is to accept the drinks that are being offered to you for free of course. Most typical American casinos do not give out alcoholic drinks for the law forbids such, but instead they give out soft drinks or juices. Frequent players also get complementary products such as meals or drinks served on their table and the American casino etiquette rules suggest that you do not decline these complementary offerings.

When playing on table games, the American casino etiquette is that you should keep your hands as visible as possible and especially on the blackjack table, you should keep your hands off the cards. It is not very within the etiquette rules to bother the dealers excessively. You can have a chat with them once in a while, but unless you are playing blackjack, you should not talk to them too much, for they can get distracted with all the other players coming at them.

The American casino etiquette also encourages the player to tip the personnel. This does not mean that you have to tip all the time, but rather that you should tip whenever you win a round in your chosen game. The tip on the table games comes usually in form or casino chips or a bet for the house. When you won big at the slot machines, then you should give a tip to the slot host or hostess.

Keep all these important etiquette rules of an American casino in mind so that you will not look and feel out of place. These are particularly important in getting the big win that you came to the American casino for.